Offers Geocaching games played with a GPS receiver, including Geodashing, MinuteWar, Shutterspot and Geovexilla.
Having cooties just became a good thing! In fact, multiple strains of Cache Cooties™ are infesting geocaches around the globe and you can help spread the love. Order your Cache Cooties™ today and start building your own colony!
GPS - The Game is the ultimate game for people who love GPS treasure hunting and puzzles.
GPS treasure hunt game where instead of being given coordinates and only having to navigate there, you are given just a photo and clues and must try to find the location where the photographer stood when the photo was taken.
A game created by the North Bay Amateur Radio Club combining 'Foxhunting', a game played by hunting hidden transmitters, and Geocaching.
The World's first Official GPS Device Geocaching Game! Play a virtual 18 hole multi-cache Geogolf game.
Photo Geocaching is an indoor/outdoor, all weather adventure game for camera and GPS users. Participating in a PhotoCache hunt is a good excuse for getting out of the house and using your camera and GPS.
SL Geocaching is an entertaining adventure game that will get you exploring the Second Life Metaverse, visiting new places, meeting new people and finding hidden treasures along the way! The basic idea is to set up caches all over the Second Life metaverse and share the locations of these caches on the internet.
Are you ready to hunt for the cache? You can find them by exploring five different areas in the all new 2008 Jeep Liberty or in 3 other Jeep vehicles challenging yourself to a number of exciting Mini-Missions.