Geocachers Websites

Off The Beaten Path
A travel, education and information site built around geocaching by two retired Boomers who have Geocaching Addiction Syndrome. Top 10 lists, a great Resources page, a blog and our very own geocaching X-File. Lots of other good stuff. Updated often.
Geocaching World with Andy HeadHardHat Smith
Geocaching World is one of the many wonderful shows seen on Host Andy "HeadHardHat" Smith shares his enthusiasm and love of this great, international, hobby known as Geocaching. Andy further participates with several other television, video
Forbidden Zone Geocaches
Project A.P.E. Tribute: Top Secret Geocaches hidden by the Simian Guerilla Task Force in Southern California.
Micky and Goofy are a husband and wife Geocaching team residing in Western Michigan. Visit or hang out for a while in our forums and chat room. Talk Geocaching, cache hides, puzzles and the great stories of the trail. Trade or exchange your bugs, Geo-coins, sig items or just play in our arcade.
We are a family of 6 Geocachers who started caching on Sept 24, 2006. Here on our site you can see where we have cached either alone or as a group in Colorado, USA and Canada.
Our family started Geocaching together on February 22, 2004. It's a fun way to spend time together as a family and get a bit of exercise at the same time.
jasy started his Geocaching career early in 2001 as one of the first Geocachers in Sweden! His website presents his view of Geocaching with photos, links and more.
This page is dedicated to homemade Geocaches that I have stashed throughout the state. I build my Geocaches to look like rocks and boulders. I also show you how to build your own!
Moun10Bike has been Geocaching since 2000 and his Geocaching Pages offers photos, milestone caches, geocoin series and more.
geoPirat from Germany has a great website where he offers info on his GeoCoin collection, Caches, and photography.
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