An Spanish site with lot of information about Geocaching: history, how to find/hide, trackables, FAQ, glossary, news, pictures, videos, printables, software and tutorials.
This site presents the basics of geocaching, the outdoor GPS treasure hunting adventure game. Geocacher University is a great source of information on paperless caching as well as the source of the Let's Go Geocaching Brochure.
Geocaching World is one of the many wonderful Internet TV shows seen on Host Andy "HeadHardHat" Smith shares his enthusiasm and love of this great, international, hobby known as Geocaching. Geocaching is ideal for RVers and GW shows the way
An interesting article on Geocaching from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
Today's Cacher is the E-zine for the Geocaching world. The great outdoor pursuit that blends high-tech treasure seeking with hiking. All you need to play is access to the web, a GPS receiver, and a spirit of adventure. Visit today to learn more!
Extensive information on Global Positioning System from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. is a new and growing source of information about GPS receivers, GPS Navigation. We strive to provide condensed wisdom about GPS products.
GeoLex is the lexicon of Geocaching! This is an extensive list of words, phrases, and abbreviations that are related to Geocaching that are clearly explained.