A full featured cache manager for Mac with support for paperless caching, using just a Mac! This software connects your Garmin or Magallen based GPS receiver to OS X.
For UK users, this is a program to generate a heat map for your ‘My Finds’ query. It takes yourr GPX file, parses it and layers the points on a UK map… it then sticks a 70’s Michael Fish on for good measure before sending it direct to your PC!
This online utility allows you to grab (or "scrape") GPS Coordinates from any web page, then download them as a LOC file into your mapping software and your GPS receiver.
The iGeocacher is a small application that allows you to parse the data in a set of Geocaching files in .loc or .gpx format and then display them via a web application in the Safari browser on your iPhone.
The GeoQO ("GEO - KO") software is a geographical waypoint management software set that lets you manage your Geocaches and other types of geographical data. It is extremely fast and offers a wide variety of utilities for manipulating waypoints.
A variety of Geocaching related scripts that are for the Greasemonkey add-on for the Firefox webbrowser.
- Hot!
FindStats and PQStats are utilities that perform some simple statistical analyses of Geocaches in a GPX file. FindStats is meant for analysis of the special "All Finds" Pocket Query, while PQStats works on any GPX file containing Geocaches from
An online translator for Morse Code. Comes in handy for deciphering hints that are in code!
gpx2ipod is a Perl script which converts a gpx file to the Apple iPod Notes format and makes paperless Geocaching with your iPod possible.
With CacheBerry you can finally use your BlackBerry device to carry and view your GC Pocket Queries and GPX files. Paperless Geocaching lets you find and view cache details, logs, hints and inventories in the field – all on your BlackBerry!
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