BackCountry Navigator is software that turns your Pocket PC into a capable outdoor navigation device. With very little effort on your part, it will download freely available US topo maps and aerial photos surrounding the location of your next adventure. Attach a Pocket PC GPS to see your location on a moving map. Download and import waypoints, or add your own to get realtime guidance to an outdoor destination.
CacheMate™ is a database for tracking GPS cache hunts. You can store information about caches or benchmarks, decode hints, and transfer data to and from other software and devices. There is a Palm and Pocket PC version available.
Whether you wish to transfer waypoints, routes and tracks from a GPS receiver to your PC, view your position and course in real time on your PC, navigate your powerboat or sailboat using your PC or PDA, or enjoy stunning 3D perspectives of your favorite topographic map or nautical charts, there is a Fugawi software product for you.
GPSLogger is a quite straight forward application, that is recording your movement with your BB-phone over time. The second main function of GPSLogger is the ability to guide you into the direction of a Location (usable for Geocaching)
Using this page you can place a link in your cache description on GC, which will allow users to check whether their coordinates are correct. You can even include a counter in your cache-listing displaying how many correct and incorrect attempts your cache has generated.
Pocket Pocket Query is a free paperless geocaching program that you can install on almost any current mobile phone.
Google Earth combines the power of Google Search with satellite imagery, maps, terrain and 3D buildings to put the world's geographic information at your fingertips.
This application extends the statbar. Currently, there are only two or three logo options available to users. This application has been created for those users who whish to have their own custom logo in their statbar.
Smache is a self-contained solution for paperless Geocaching on a Windows Mobile Pocket PC. By importing GPX files from pocket queries generated by, you can keep a very extensive database of caches up-to-date and ready for instant access any time.
Geochecker is an online tool to check coordinates for Geocaching puzzle caches. It's completely free, and it's very easy to use!
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