Reach Beyond Your Home Coordinates
This site is dedicated to working with professional travel agents in creating preplanned and affordable holidays that combine Geocaching with that of discovering the history, the culture, the beauty and mystery of other lands.
Traveling to a new area and want to meet up with another Geocacher for a hunt? This is the place to go.
Combining geocaching tours with wildlife adventures exploring spectacular wilderness regions in Southern Africa: Scheduled muggle trips and tailormade Geosafaris in Namibia
Enjoy the fun and excitement of Geocaching at a Jellystone Park. Many of our 75 campgrounds throughout the US & Canada offer Geocaching events on a regular basis.
Ohio truly is a Geocacher’s paradise. From pristine hiking trails through southeast Ohio’s hill country to ancient historical sites to exciting big cities, you’ll find adventures for everyone.
Enjoy Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada's wilderness and outdoors with geocaching! Think of it as an exciting treasure hunt - all you need is a map, GPS (global positioning) unit and a sense of adventure!
GeoCache-Excursions is dedicated to working with professional travel agents to take advantage of group travel rates in creating preplanned, affordable and close as possible to all inclusive vacations with emphasis on Geo Caching.
As part of British Columbia’s 150th celebration, BC Parks is supporting GeoRush 2008, an exciting Geocaching adventure taking place in provincial parks!
During your next vacation to Charlotte Harbor and the Gulf Islands in Florida, go on a quest for hidden treasures. Not only is this a great opportunity for participating in an exciting vacation activity, but also chances to explore the area’s natural environment. To join in the hunt for local treasures, download the Visitor's Bureau's Geocaching Brochure.
The South Shore of PEI is a great place to try Geocaching—many of our tourism operators can show you how and loan you a GPS unit to send you on your way. Ask about GPS itineraries as well—take a walking or driving tour to locales with only the coordinates and the GPS to guide you on your way! If you are an experienced geocacher, check this site for new cache listings and upcoming events.
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