Arkansas Geocaching is a great activity for people of all ages and yet another outdoor adventure you can enjoy in the State Parks of Arkansas. The hallmark of the Arkansas State Park system is its diversity, and this wide variety of natural and historic settings, landmarks and architectural works makes the state parks great getaways for enjoyable Geocaching sport.
The Bras d'Or Lakes Inn on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia is Geocaching friendly! Owners Rhoda and Jean Pierre Gillet recently hosted the Cape Breton Celtic Caching Challenge which was a huge success. They offer great food and great rates!
Search this site to find and download hundreds of free GPS maps and tour guides for on- and off road sightseeing. Media rich content includes narrative audio and visual images, point of interest data, maps, GPS waypoints and tracks for touring through unique travel experiences. In addition to waypoints, routes and tracks, you will find photos and articles describing unique travel adventures.
Pack your GPS units and head to the scenic Ottawa Valley in Renfrew County. This region has become a popular Geocaching destination. There are over 300 caches sites located in the Ottawa Valley.
Cape Breton Highlands is pleased to offer four Geocaches: Ecocache - Find all five official park caches to earn a limited-edition Geocoin, Middle Head Multi-cache, Boomer’s Campground Kid Caches and an Earthcache. Visit the Highlands an go caching!
Geocaching and Letterboxing in Virginia, USA are the ultimate treasure hunt and can add excitement and fun to your driving, camping and hiking experiences.
Caching Riding Mountain is a GPS based learning experience and entertaining adventure activity highlighting the people, places and heritage of Riding Mountain Biosphere Reserve and its core area, Riding Mountain National Park in Manitoba, Canada.
Encompassing ten northwestern Pennsylvania counties, the Allegheny GeoTrail will take Geocachers through the beautiful wilds of Allegheny National Forest and its gateway regions. Find six or more caches in a county, and earn that county's unique Geocoin.
The Ontario GPS Treasure Hunting is an ecotourism activity that combines the application of an emerging technology, GPS, and the spirit of adventure combined with seeing and experiencing special places of Norther Ontario.
The Ohio Historical Society has placed caches at several of its historic sites to offer those who want to connect with Ohio's past while participating in this sensational new form of adventure.
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