CacheStats 3.0 Released!Apr 01, 2009

If you like to keep tabs on your Geocaching statistics, you’ll just love CacheStats 3.0!

How has your find rate been holding up over the years? What are your longest streaks? Want to see what it will take to reach your end-of-year goal? CacheStats analyzes your “My Finds” pocket query to find out all this and more!

CacheStats 3.0 Released!

CacheStats is a free Geocaching statistics program created by Doug from LogicWeave, who, when not creating great software spends his spare time Geocaching. I guess you can say that CacheStats was made by a Geocacher for Geocachers! :) The program offers a plethora of statistics presented in an easy-to-read, friendly manner that includes your find rate, averages, yearly data, milestones, a goal calculator, cache info and a whole lot more.

We have had CacheStats listed in the Geocaching Resource Directory since December 2007 but we had never got around to trying it out – our loss. Now, since we have installed it we can’t see caching without it!

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03/29/08 – Geocaching In The NewsMar 29, 2009

There’s lots and lots of Geocachers in the news this week! Plus, there are a couple of bomb scares, a story about a guy who almost follows his GPS off a cliff, a DVD release and more! Read on:

Eric and Therese Hostetter bring along a couple of ‘newbies’ from the Daily Sentinel in Texas for a Geocaching outing. You can read more here.

Michael K. Boensch and Khan V. Hollis from Saginaw, Michigan are mentioned in this article here.

Tony Papazian, his daughter Sierra, his son, Sage, his wife, Debra, and Ann Quattlebaum are avid Geocachers from Califonia who are featured in this article here.

Here’s an article about Tysa Royce and her son Robby, Darin and Susan Eaton Geocaching at Camp Floyd Stagecoach Inn State Park and Museum in Utah that you can read about here.

Dick and Susan Klocke from Nebraska are featured in this article here. Dick has logged over 4500 Geocaches in his six years of caching.

Philip Poe taught students about Geocaching during the March break in conjuction with the library in Louisburg, Kansas. You can read more here.

Jim Reeves, Michael and Jane Levine, Joe and Rita Kernan are featured in this article here.

Local cachers Bob and Wendy McDonald (ABCtrekkers) were recognized recently for their work on behalf of the Halifax North West Trails Association and other major conservation projects. Congrats! You can read more here.

There were a couple of Geocaching related bomb scares recently. You can read about one in Allouez, WI here and about one that shut down City Hall and Main Street of Winston-Salem, N.C here.

Wiggins High School geography students of Colorado learn about GPS and release Travel Bugs as a class venture. You can read more here.

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Geocaching Maritime Mega Event 2010Mar 26, 2009

Well, it’s official! Nova Scotia, Canada will be hosting a Geocaching Mega Event on July 10th, 2010 in celebration of the 10th Anniversary of Geocaching and the 10th Anniversary of Canada’s First Geocache!

Geocaching Maritime Mega Event 2010

The ‘Maritime Mega Event’ (GC1P585) will be a one day event and held at the Municipal Activity and Recreation Complex , just outside of Bridgewater, Nova Scotia. The
MARC offers a 100 Acres of open space, which includes fields, woods, ponds, brooks and trails. It is only minutes from Canada’s First Geocache and hundreds of other Geocaching opportunites.

This event promises to be a great time! There will be Geocaching related educational opportunities, great food, swag vendors, entertainment and lots of socializing. (a Maritime tradition!). It’s going to be one big Cachin’ Ceilidh! :)

For our far away friends, accommodations will include onsite tenting. There are also many hotels and campsites nearby and Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital city, is only 100kms (60 miles) away. You can find out more here at Nova Scotia Tourism.

An independent committee, with the support of the Atlantic Geocaching Association (ACGA), has been created to organize this event.

Sun, surf and Geocaching! Come and experience the flavour of the Maritimes in 2010. Start planning your next year’s vacation with us!

Click here to visit the Maritime Mega 2010 event website

Keep on cachin’!

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The 2009 Geocaching Kickoff Into SpringMar 23, 2009

We had a great time on Saturday at the annual Nova Scotia Geocaching Spring Kickoff. It was a fantastic afternoon of getting together with friends and family!

This is the fourth year for this event and it gets better every year! As in past years it was held at Curly Portables in Enfield, about 30 minutes outside of the Halifax city core.

The 2009 Geocaching Kickoff Into Spring

This year saw the biggest turnout for this event with 102 Geocaching teams signing the log. This translated into a total of 161 people attending! There were several people from out of province, from as far away as Ontario, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island. There were even some Geocachers who arrived that did not know that the event was going on – they logged in, met some new folks and had a great time!

We shared a table with our friends, the ‘Geotrekkers’, and spent the afternoon exchanging caching stories, travel experiences and caught up on recent news. We had a lot of laughs as we spoke and joked with other cachers who dropped by our table and those we met as we walked around dropping by other cachers tables. We also had a great meal. Yes, it was definitely a party. :)

In addition to the great food there was a bunch of prizes to be won, a 50/50 draw and a Travel Bug auction. The door prizes included carry bags, caching goodies, t-shirts, a ready-to-go Geocache, a set of unactivated silver provincial ACGA coins and more.

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